Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy

The five remedies which make up Rescue Remedy.

Star of Bethlehem: For shock.
Rock Rose: For terror or panic.
Impatients: For mental stress and tension.
Cherry Plum: For desperation.
Clematis: For the bemused, far away, out of body feeling, which often precedes fainting or loss of consciousness.

Rescue Remedy is a combination of the Bach essence remedies as shown above. It was formulated by Dr Bach himself to be used in emergencies. There are many cases in which Rescue Remedy creates calm in a situation of chaos.

Rescue Remedy is used in situations where there is a shock to the body. In an accident, fall, severe pain, (very good in some cases of period pain), or distress. When bad news has just been received it can assist the distressed and stressed person.

Rescue Remedy is a must when there is young children around for those endless confrontations met whilst exploring life.

Rescue Remedy is best taken directly under the tongue. Four drops, at intervals of ten to fifteen minutes and as the person grows calmer, half hourly until the condition of the person is stable.

In a major emergency, Rescue Remedy is a potent first aid measure; it cannot replace skilled medical treatment and was not designed to do so.

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