Fees List

For 2013  - Credit Card and EFTPOS facility available

$80.00     Full Hour Consultation - ($75.00 for pensioners)
                This consultation will include a free Computerised Cellular
                Health Analysis using state of the art equipment.

$88.00     HemaviewTM Consultation
                Live Blood Screening using a hi tech Darkfield Microscope in clinic.

$55.00     Follow Through Consultation - 1/2 hour
                This consultation will include free relevant tests ei zinc, VLA,
                pH, heavy metals, Indican.

$55.00     Babies (under 3) Consultation

$65.00     Full hour Bowen Therapy - ($60.00 for pensioners)

$20.00     Bowen Therapy For Babies

                 Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test
                ($135.00 -$150.00 dependant on which test)

$21.50     Herbal Mixture (50ml) With Consultation

$26.50     Herbal Mixture Without Consultation
                (a herbal mixture will last up to 6 weeks)

$18.00     Rescue Remedy (25ml)

$18.00     Creams (50gm)
                Made up with tinctures by Tony -Arnica, Comfrey, Calendula,
                Wintergreen, Thuja, Witch hazel, Phytolacca, Chickweed or                                  I can customise a cream to suit.

                Click on Creams/Rescue Remedy for more details

Most health funds rebate under Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine or Bowen Therapy. Member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society Number 4147
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