Heavy Metals

What are they?
- Mercury
- Lead
- Copper
- Zinc
- Cadnium
- Electrically charged metals

Where do they come from?
- Food chain
- Soil
- Pollution
- Drinking water

What damage do they do to you?
Produce avalanches of free radicals
- Considered to be the root cause of all chronic disease & aging eg allergies,
  asthma, rheumatism, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, MS, MND & Alzheimer etc.

How can they be measured?
Ionic Heavy Metal Test Kit using Urine, saliva, water, soil, paint from walls etc
- Determines within seconds whether your body can ‘cope' with ionic heavy
  metals (chelate them) or not.

How can you get rid of them from your body?
- The process is called chelation.
- Ionic Heavy Metals need to be made electrically neutral
- Which then means your body can use the metals it needs (calcium, iron,
  copper etc) and eliminate those that it does not (mercury, cadmium, lead
- Your body needs to be alkalised - if acidic then the metals especially lead
  are trapped. (see pH)
- CH77 liquid added to water & drunk
- Improve protein digestion (see indican test)
- Improve amino acid production.
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