Hemaview™ Live Blood Screening

HemaviewTM - Live Blood Screening is based on the medical science of hematology. Hemaview provides information to help Tony make an accurate and immediate assessment of the state of your general health. The screening looks at red and white blood cells as well as platelets etc. You may have had blood tests before but nothing can compare with seeing a drop of your blood actually still alive under the microscope and on the computer screen.

Hemaview will help identify:
- Inflammation
- Poor liver function
- Oxidative stress
- Digestive integrity
- Nutritional status
- Immune function

At the end of the consultation Tony will give you a comprehensive report printout and photos of your bloods health and will make recommendations to improve this area for overall improved health.

Combining Hemaview with Tony's already extensive knowledge of Natural Therapies will allow him to provide you with a wealth of information regarding your health. Watching your blood improve as your treatment progresses is amazing.

Healthcare Practitioner Assessment

                    BEFORE                                AFTER 12 WEEKS 
hemaview before hemaview after
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