Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss Programs

Tony uses several different weight loss programs depending on the patients individual needs. To maximise any weight loss program you need to exercise.

How To Get Weight Off:
The "Shake It" program is great when patients want to lose more than 5 kilos. The Shake It Program is an easy natural fat loss systen which uses the body's own metabolism to burn fat. For more infomation visit:

How To Keep Weight Off:
The Zone Diet can be used as a maintenance program suitable for patients, especially useful for keeping blood sugar and cravings under control.

Blood Type Diet:
Specific diets depending on your own blood type. Especially useful for sufferers of food allergies.

For patients who wish to participate in weight loss programs they will be regularly monitored on the Computerised Cellular Health Analysis Machine (which measures patient’s fat/muscle mass ratio, toxicity, hydration, cardio, risk factor, fitness level etc) & Tony can make adjustments accordingly.

* This test is included free of charge with all weight loss consultantions.

Amazing results just keep happening with those committed to losing weight!

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