Is a naturopath a real doctor? A naturopath is different from a naturopathic doctor. Therefore, a naturopath is not a doctor but a naturopathic doctor is. Both professions require different requirements to complete so better decide which one you would like to take. A naturopath can’t really diagnose sicknesses because the person is not licensed […]


What Iridology can reveal? It can reveal which parts of your body is inflamed. It is best to do something about it as early as possible. If you do it a bit too late, you are going to experience a lot of pain. Yes, there can be a lot of things done that can be […]

The Health Benefits of Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy is a relatively new field of health care that uses and combines different natural substances to provide relief from diseases, particularly those that are related to the nervous system. The use of substances other than traditional medicines is known as “substances of natural origin” and they can be found in various forms and make […]

Bowen Therapy

What is the Bowen technique used for? It is used to treat various injuries stemming from sports. When you play physical contact sports, it is possible you are going to suffer minor and major injuries that will limit your movement. This technique will help you move closer to normality. How does Bowen Therapy work? It […]