What Iridology can reveal?
It can reveal which parts of your body is inflamed. It is best to do something about it as early as possible. If you do it a bit too late, you are going to experience a lot of pain. Yes, there can be a lot of things done that can be a bit too late before you realize it. When you experience inflammation, you may not even walk. It would depend on which part of your body is experiencing inflammation. If it is near the ankle joints, it would feel like you suffered an ankle sprain.

What is Iridology and how does it work?
It is a medical technique that assesses the iris to know how someone is doing overall. It is a method that has been used many times and proves how Iris is a big part of a person’s overall well-being. An Iridologist usually uses a microscope or a magnifying glass to check out the iris of a person. If you want to undergo this type of procedure, you will need to open your eyes real long. Iridologists see a lot of things in your iris that most people can see. They can see some patterns that you think won’t mean a thing. To them, it means a lot and they will make a conclusion out of it.

Is Iridology real science?
It is considered pseudoscience since it is not backed by scientific research. Iridology is using Iris patterns and colours to identify the overall health of a human being. While there is another technology that identifies the iris of a person and finds out if he or she can enter a restricted area, that is completely different. It turns out they have an Iridology chart after checking out the colour and patterns of the iris. It is just a matter of mix and match after hat. Just like other pseudosciences, there were many studies that debunked Iridology. However, that does not mean that it came to a halt. In fact, Iridology continues to be implemented up until this very day. It was not too long ago when they evaluated a number of studies including Iridology to find out if they were backed by scientific facts. To nobody’s surprise, they could not find anything to say Iridology is scientific research.

How much does Iridology cost?
The price would depend on how long the session is. A 30-minute session would cost $75 while an hour-long session would cost $105. It is highly recommended to go for the long sessions though so that would increase the chances of you not needing to come back anymore. When it helps you prevent future illnesses, you can bet your bottom dollar that the price you paid for it is definitely worth it.

Can Iridology detect cancer?
Iridology can identify organs that would make it susceptible to cancer. Yes, this is one procedure that is a lot harder than it looks. Good thing, doctors are getting it done and if you find organs that are susceptible to cancer, you should do something about it immediately. Microscopy will compare the affected organs to the ones of a healthy person. Thus, it won’t be a long before a conclusion will be made and we will know whether you can expect a grim future. Cancer is never a good thing and it can only result in a lot of expenses. You never know how you are going to treat it and it is possible you are going to give up in the middle of it. It is always a 50% chance of winning the battle.

What Iridology is used for?
Iridology is used to determine a person’s overall health. It can be used to determine what a person will experience in the future by looking at that person’s iris. Yes, everyone has different irises which are no surprise. It is like nobody as the same face unless you are twins. There is an iris chart that divides the body into 90 zones. Yes, it does not focus on the iris alone. From the iris chart, iridologists can make a conclusion they can be confident in and they will be the first to tell you.