Bowen Therapy

What is the Bowen technique used for?
It is used to treat various injuries stemming from sports. When you play physical contact sports, it is possible you are going to suffer minor and major injuries that will limit your movement. This technique will help you move closer to normality.

How does Bowen Therapy work?
It uses hand movements to stretch the fascia. It is like a form of massage that is going to help you relax. What’s great about it is that it will relieve the pain that you are experiencing. Yes, you just need to relax face down on a bed and let the therapist do the work. It won’t be long before you feel so relaxed that you will be energized to do more tasks for the day. Each session does not really take long as it lasts from thirty minutes up to an hour.

What are the benefits of Bowen therapy?
One of its benefits is that it helps improve your sporting performance. Therefore, if you want to perform better in baseball, basketball, or even football then Bowen Therapy may be the answer. Another advantage is that it helps your muscles relax so it is possible that it can treat back pain. Besides, we have all experienced back pain when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

How long does Bowen Therapy take to work?
Bowen Therapy usually takes three to four sessions. There are some people who would want a lot more than that though. It means they did not get the desired effects just yet. Thus, they would want more sessions and nothing is stopping them from doing so. This is one time when you must be patient and wait for it to be truly effective. If you finish one session and you don’t see results, wait for two to three more sessions before judging whether or not Bowen Therapy was effective for you.

Does Bowen therapy actually work?
A lot of patients have said that Bowen Therapy is pretty remarkable and it helped them a lot in their mission to get rid of the pin within their bodies. In fact, some of them exclaimed that it worked after just one session. Thus, it will work wonders for those people who chose to pay per session. If one session works out well for you, there is no need to continue with the therapy. Of course, you must see a doctor first to find out what he thinks of the remarkable improvement on your body.

What conditions does Bowen Therapy treat?
Since it relaxes the body, it treats anxiety attacks. It will help you forget about all the problems you have while your body relaxes. Another condition it treats is migraine as we all experience this at some point in our lives due to various reasons. You will end up screaming at other people you should not get angry at. Last but not the least, it also treats depression which is important for those who always feel sad.